All our tutors are of French mother tongue, bilingual in English and also speak German and/or Spanish. This facility is greatly appreciated, especially by students who do not master the English language very well. Before starting your lessons, you will of course carry out tests to allow us to assess your level of the French language, in order to determine the course which best meets your needs.

As an example, here are several programmes possible :

Lessons for beginner and intermediate levels
Private tuition with the support of a book and audio CDs + complementary explanations sent by email and telephone conversations with your tutor (your tutor phones you on a date and at a time agreed with you)
Lessons for advanced levels
Private tuition by telephone and email, entirely tailor-made with your personal tutor, to make real progress
Intensive lessons
Private lessons with your tutor, by telephone and email, with or without the support of a book and audio CDs, to learn the rudiments of the French language, refresh or perfect your knowledge of French
Face-to-face and blended courses also available in the UK (private or group lessons)

Through our network of associates, we are also able to provide lessons in other languages